Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crowdsourcing interviews with political candidates for election coverage

The Record has an exciting new feature for our political coverage - regular interviews with Troy's mayoral candidates Lou Rosamilia and Carmella Mantello answering questions submitted by our readers.

Every two weeks we ask our readers to submit what they would like us to ask the candidates. After the submission deadline passes, we scan through the submissions and select three questions to ask the candidates on camera (we select these only so that we don't repeat a question from week to week or air any personal attacks that may get submitted).

Once the election season kicks into high gear after Labor Day, we plan to make these videos an integral part of The Record's election website.

In addition to providing great video coverage of the election, we think that this will be an excellent way to help build stronger relationships with our readers and encourage them to interact with us more in the future.

FYI, we are currently accepting questions today for the fourth round of candidate interviews in case any of you readers are located in Troy.

Here's a look at our past interviews to date:

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