Friday, May 6, 2011

How to get video production up in your newsroom

We fell into bad habits at The Record in recent months and were not keeping a close eye on video production. As a result, we ended on of our weeks with a total of only four videos being produced, despite having seven reporters between news and sports.

To remedy this, we held a staff meeting with all reporters and editors in both the news and sports editorial departments to discuss the need for video quality video production to be part of everyone’s workflow going forward. Several reporters asked questions and walk away with a better understanding about what we wanted to see from them.

Our editor, Lisa Lewis, also added the incentive of a $25 gift card as a prize to the reporter who could produce the most videos over the next month to add some friendly competition to the mix. I made up the leaderboard that you can see above and have been updating it daily to track the progress of video production and so that the reporters know where they currently stand.

As a result, The Record went from producing four videos one week to 17 the next, and a total of 30 last week.

Everyone now seems to have a better understanding about how to handle production moving forward and we'll be keeping a much closer eye on the numbers to ensure they don't slip so much again in the future

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