Monday, March 28, 2011

30 day ideaLab project update - stream of blogs on the way

Here's an update on my 30 day ideaLab project I mentioned previously on growing's blogging community by enlisting the help of our newsroom staff.

After just a week, we already have two new blogs added to the website (From Congo to Colonie, and Generation X Mom) thanks to one of our newsroom editors, Siobhan Connally, who blogs about her own experiences as a mother of two on The Record's site as well.

Another reporter is in the process of setting up blogs with two individuals interested in starting their own blogs and a few other staffers have begun reaching out to perspective recruits.

So far, I'd say things are moving along nicely towards my goal of having each newsroom staffer ad two by the end of our 30-day ideaLab deadline. More updates on this effort soon.

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