Thursday, February 24, 2011

Report potholes with SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix is a valuable tool to have at your disposal in general, but for a hyper-local journalist, it's practically gold in your hands.

The Web site allows users to report non-emergency issues (if you have a fire or crime occurring you need to call 911), as well as provide photos of the problem at hand, so that local city, county, or state officials can see them and, hopefully, get them fixed.

This is great for readers to use for issues like potholes (such reports helped produce this article in today's paper) which roads remain unplowed during a heavy snowstorm, and much more.

Another nice fact is that you can embed a little map and list of local problems, narrowed down by a location and keywords of your choosing, quite easily and throw it up on a blog, Web site, or anywhere else even if you're not a media organization.

Long story short: If you don't know what SeeClickFix is, or haven't given it a try, check it out.

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