Tuesday, November 16, 2010

iPhone helps Record blogger's traffic skyrocket

When it comes to Internet traffic, providing up-to-date, quality content is a key factor in driving the amount of page views that you can get. Being able to do that requires some kind of modern mobile technology - a resource that can be extremely valuable if you know how to utilize it.

Take last Saturday for example, when I loaned my ideaLab iPhone to our high school sports reporter Will Montgomery to cover a regional football game being played down in Kingston.

Will has always tried to keep up with his blog just about everyday and put as much useful information for readers on there as he possibly can.

For this situation, he wanted the especially wanted to be able to live-tweet what was happening at the game to everyone watching on his blog back in the Capital District.

The iPhone makes tweeting on the go as easy taking notes, so everything worked out without a problem.

The device actually ended up saving him in the end when his FLIP camera stopped working (he thought from the cold) and he was able to take some video of the game and interviews with the players by using the phone's camera.

The next day, Will took a look at his web traffic for his coverage of the game (during which he had a Twitter feed widget up on the blog post) and found that his web traffic jumped straight up, by nearly 1,000 hits for the day - screenshot below.

As Will points out on his own blog, this is how you drive web traffic - by being able to file information from the field in a fast, easy manner.

Journal Register Company has been making great progress this year in purchasing such technology, educating its employees on how to best use it, and taking risks with projects like the ideaLab.

Our company motto is Digital First, and these results show you why.

On a similar topic, I had also loaned out my ideaLab iPad to one of our photographers for the same game so that he could transmit his photos back to the editors laying out pages at The Record.

This was the farthest from the office that we had attempted this, and with the exception of a small hiccup where the resulting e-mails were hidden in a spam folder for a short time, everything worked great.

Overall, I'm just glad to see that everyone is starting to get more comfortable all around with going mobile when possible and moving forward towards the company's digital goals.

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Anonymous Steve Shoe said...

Great success story. I always noticed we seemed to have the best luck/results/interest in any live-blog events we did (especially on Election Night), and that speaks to Will's point. What was the photographer's feedback on ease of use with the iPad and photo upload/transmission?

November 17, 2010 at 5:42 AM 
Anonymous tcaprood said...

The photographer said that everything worked well. One kink we found was that when they plug their camera or card into the attachment for the iPad, load the photos onto the device, and e-mail to an account back at the office, the software or e-mail program strips any caption data that was encoded onto the JPG photo. So we just went the way of entering manual captions into the e-mails, but its a little annoying if they wanted to edit on a laptop, load back onto the memory card and then onto the iPad to transmit.

November 17, 2010 at 6:25 AM 

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