Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meeting the ideaLab

Tonight, for the first time, all the members of the ideaLab, dispite the fact that some of us drove or flew long distances to get here, were actually able to meet in person.

Along with CEO John Paton and some other JRC corporate staff members, we were joined by two members of JRC's advisory board: Betsy Morgan and Jay Rosen.

I personally sat at the table with Morgan, where all of us had some great discussions about how our different markets function and what we're hoping to get out of the ideaLab.

We also talked a lot about how each of our properties handles comments on our websites, how we feel about tech like the iPad so far and how we handle breaking news vs traditional "slower" news days.

Everyone I've met so far is very enthusiastic about being a part of this team as well as watching JRC transform in front of our eyes.

Wednesday morning we'll meet at corporate for a day or further discussions before heading back home.

More about that next time.



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